Quiche Fancy Lorraine 6x200gr Tray  *
$ 5.40 per Serve

A rich, yet light quiche mixture of fresh eggs, cheese, cream, pieces of tasty bacon, topped with a whole cherry tomato. Served in a herb pastry. Perfect for a light meal.

Helen_̣å?_å__Ì_s products are handmade with the finest ingredients, then pre-cooked and snap-frozen to retain maximum freshness. So it_̣å?_å__Ì_s only fair that you re-heat with care! For the best results, we recommend the following freezing, defrosting and heating methods. Your effort will be rewarded.

Serving size = 200 grams (1 quiche); 6 servings per tray

_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Store at -18_å»_c or below for up to 10 months.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ We highly recommend keeping products in their original boxes.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ For best quality, place individual products in freezer bags then return to original box.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ If unable to keep products in original boxes, individually wrap items in freezer bags or cling film.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Move products into cold room/refrigerator (4_å»_c) to defrost overnight. Do not refreeze.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Remove freezer bags and return product to boxes. This will prevent condensation, which causes items to become soggy.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ If box has been discarded, or to defrost products/portions individually, transfer items to a plate and cover with cling wrap.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ If storing defrosted products in a cold room, it is recommended to cling wrap each item on a plate. This will prevent products from becoming dry. Otherwise place items in display cabinet.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Large Products may require 2 days to defrost.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Remove plastic wrap from Large Products and return to original box and place in coldroom/ refrigerator to defrost. Any excess water will be absorbed by the cardboard box.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ If space is too limited to fit the box, remove plastic wrap from Large Product and place in a separate dish with an absorbent paper towel underneath.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Strain away any residual water before displaying.
All products are pre-cooked so it_̣å?_å__Ì_s just a matter of re-heating items. Helen's products can be heated in a Microwave or Oven.

Microwave Tips
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ For fast serving, we recommend heating items in a microwave.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Cook on a low heat for a prolonged period of time.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Ensure product reaches core temperature of 70_å»_c.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Allow products to stand for 1 minute.

Oven Tips
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Preheat oven to 180_å»_c.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Place defrosted items on baking paper to prevent sticking to trays.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ As a general rule of thumb _̣å?_å__å¢ heat products for about 15_̣å?_å__å¢40 minutes depending on product size.

Note: Heating Helen_̣å?_å__Ì_s European Cuisine Products from frozen is not recommended.

Ingredients: Cream (Vegetable Gum (407)), Cheese (Cheese (Milk, Cultures, Rennet, Salt), Anticaking (Tapioca Starch, (460), Preservative(200))), Eggs, Pastry (Water, Wheat Flour, Potato Starch, Wheat Starch, Rice Flour, Soybean Oil (Antioxidant (319)), Salt, Preservative (282).), Bacon (Pork (Minimum 66%), Water, Salt, Natural Flavour, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (Soy), Yeast Extract, Anti Caking Agent (551), Cocoa Powder, Fermented Rice, Preservative (250)), Plain Flour (Contains Wheat Flour), Vegetable, Tomatos, Starch (1442), Milk Solids, Seeded Mustard, Spices (Contains Breadcrumbs (Wheat), Protein(Soybean)), Herbs, Spices